transformed my dad into a character today.


8 years with you today. happy anniversary sweetheart.

remake i did of foster’s home for imaginary friends.

imitating artwork i found with my new brushes.

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emmeborges asked: Does any particular artist inspire you? If so, who? :)

Everything around me inspires me, however some amazing artists that come to mind are:

Quentin Blake:

Van Gogh (I just saw a Van Gogh exhibit and almost cried 4 times)!

Steve Pilcher:

José Manuel Hortelano-Pi:

Mattias Adolfsson:

Will Terrell:

Chris Legaspi:

There are a tons more, but these few have been my biggest inspiration so far and you should definitely check them out!

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hanging at the mall drawing

new orleans- quick messy cafe sketches filled in with coffee.

The Little Cockroach Who Was Afraid of the Light

This took me ALL day and it’s only 4 seconds long, but I am so proud of it so far!!! ahahah.


1 minute figure study. trying to loosen up and not suck the life out of the figure by overworking it like always.

poorly animated cockroach i did today ahahaha.

digital remake of my cockroach.


We got to draw a pregnant lady Monday! I had a lot of fun coloring her in.


drawing people at twenty-two.

mock up i did for a kids book today. 

Guys I need your help! Now that I’m not heading to California for school, I need to get a job. I would love to make art for a living, but so far it’s not looking good. ): If you know anyone who needs illustrations done or anything art related I would be forever grateful if you showed them my website. Thinking about waitressing again makes me want to cry.